A Seller’s Market for Bicycles


As I write this post, I just sold my fourth bicycle on Facebook Market Place. Actually, only one of the four was mine. Two were sold for a friend, one was Debby’s first road bike, and the last bike was my gravel bike I picked up at the going out of business sale at the local Performance Bicycle store. 

Sad, to see Performance go, but just like Wolf Camera who was up to their eyeballs in debt to camera manufacturers, Performance Bike did the same with the parent of Fuji bicycles to the point that, on paper, it looked better if the ASE folks bought Performance for debt owed. But, between the 2008 financial crash and a dying bicycle market in the “20 teens”, the only option was bankruptcy and the end of a once great local mail order startup of the 80’s. Fast forward to 2020 and lockdown, and everyone wants something fun to do that doesn’t cost a lot of money and gets them out of their house. The once forlorn toy of toddlers to teens has made quite the come back beyond the regulars made up of commuters, triathletes and fitness riders. For myself, I fall in the latter category as I ride to release stress and to control my type 2 diabetes. Since the start of covid-19 lockdown, I have tried to average about 60 miles a week on the road or greenways and lost a couple more inches off of my waist. For my 58th birthday, I wanted to do a 100K, but a covid-19 exposure meant self isolating for 10 days to be on the safe side and the timing has not worked out for a three or four hour ride since. But I suspect I will get one in before the weather cools off too much for my liking. So, if you have a bike that is in good shape and ridable, ride it! If you don’t think riding a bike is your thing, clean it up and put it on Market Place. Other than the two higher end carbon bikes I sold, the medium to lower priced bikes went within a day and people who wanted the first one I posted were trying to give me more money than I wanted to take both lower priced bikes. But, I respected the order in which I received the inquiries on the bikes as I wanted to reward speediness on responses. I am glad I did, as I suspect the first buyer was simply going to re-sell them after a some minor updates. Other than Pabl buying the Novara Strada, the Fuji Finest 2.0 went to April who I have since found out volunteers as a buddy for the Miracle League Baseball games where my nephew Quinn has played for many years. The high end Specialized Ruby Comp wasn’t a good fit for Casey, who lives near SouthPoint and the ATT, but a freshly minted 2nd Lt. from Fort Bragg came up and bought it after a quick test ride. I hope her twice rebuilt A1C strengthens up on the bike. My Mekk Pave XR 2.6 gravel bike, that I never could get to fit me, went to Mr. Garcia who travels the east coast from Florida to these parts (Research Triangle, NC, USA) where his sons live to buy bikes for himself or sell back home in Dade City Florida where he says the market to sell bikes is better than here.

So, don’t hold on to your bikes if you are not going to ride them. The local bike shops can’t keep inventory and if they have something, it may be really high end as my VP found out when trying to find some mountain bikes for he and his kids and their vacation trip to Colorado. If I was 15, I would have said, wait a year and put the money into a car, but that’s me. I have one more bike I am tuning up and will most likely keep. That’s my Mongoose Pro 2007 Otero MTB. I have not ridden it since I broke my left wrist on it in 2012. When I lowered it from the garage ceiling today, I had no rear brake and trying to refill and flush the hydraulic brake lines ruined my pads, so off to the store to get some new ones tomorrow. I know my neighbors will be happy as trying to re-seat the cleaned pads sounded worse than fingernails on a chalk board.

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