CERT Drill and Actor Shots

I used some community service leave from work today as a volunteer for Community Emergency Response Team Train the Trainer end of class drill.  I was supposedly impaled with a piece of metal during a tornado.  It worked out pretty well I thought.  My left leg went to sleep while waiting to be found by the rescue team so when I was trying to get out of the bath tub I really needed actual assistance.  The trip down from the second floor on a stretcher was a little scary, but I am here.  Hopefully these new instructors will train up a bunch of new CERT volunteers.  If you are not sure what CERT is, check out my thoughts on the training when I attended last May.

Today was Quinn’s 17th birthday.

Tonight I shot some publicity photos of a group of actors and actresses who are in an upcoming play.  It was a great experience trying to shoot in a cramped office using a transluscent umbrella that had two SB800 flashes behind it with a reflector on the opposite site of the subjects.

Skywarn Training & Some Cycling

Thursday I took the Skywarn training through the Cary CERT organization.  It was a combination of Skywarn and a promotion for HAM radio licensing to take Skywarn to the next level in our area through Central Carolina Skywarn (CCS).  Yesterday I almost had a chance to use my new training when I was driving to my workout.  A major thunderstom cell came through our area and while I am trying to make it though a big intersection where the traffic signal was out, I started seeing some hail, but it wasn’t even the size of a dime plus I had not put the Skywarn phone number in my phone to be able to stop and report it any way.

Today we got in a quick 13 mile ride.  For this ride I went back to the 90mm stem angled down with one spacer above.  I stopped on the ride to adjust my seat a little and still had some lower back pain when we finished.  So I took the stem and put the spacer back on the bottom and turned the stem over make it angle up. I also moved the seat forward a little.  I rode around the neighborhood some and feels a lot better already.  Tomorrow we are going to meet a friend for a little longer ride and I will see how things go.

Community Emergency Response Team

certlogoI have spent the past two days and Friday night attending training that will allow me to be a CERT member here in my local community. CERTs have been around for a long time, and became more active after the president started the Citizen Corps after 9/11. The training prepares the student to take care of themselves and immediate family in the event of a disaster or some other localized devastation. Once you and your family have checked out o.k.; the CERT team member is expected, not required, to start performing checks on their neighbors. The course covered basic first aid, light search and rescue, small fire fighting, hazardous materials, terrorism, incident command structure, and disaster psychology. The training concluded with a drill that required an ICS to be developed, teams assigned leaders and each team assigned a task. Tasks where varied, but at least six victims needed assistance in a small structure. To tell any more would spoil it for the next class. We were rated as a class during the debrief and most of the observers thought we did pretty well. At this point it is up to the students to decide how active they want to be on the local team. There are monthly training sessions and other drills throughout the year. I am going to try and be an active member. I told the Fire Chief during the wrap and graduation ceremony that the course was going to help me in my current full-time position as a cyber incident responder, in that, I can see where a more formal ICS should be a part of our existing incident management plan.