CERT Drill and Actor Shots

I used some community service leave from work today as a volunteer for Community Emergency Response Team Train the Trainer end of class drill.  I was supposedly impaled with a piece of metal during a tornado.  It worked out pretty well I thought.  My left leg went to sleep while waiting to be found by the rescue team so when I was trying to get out of the bath tub I really needed actual assistance.  The trip down from the second floor on a stretcher was a little scary, but I am here.  Hopefully these new instructors will train up a bunch Continue reading CERT Drill and Actor Shots

Skywarn Training & Some Cycling

Thursday I took the Skywarn training through the Cary CERT organization.  It was a combination of Skywarn and a promotion for HAM radio licensing to take Skywarn to the next level in our area through Central Carolina Skywarn (CCS).  Yesterday I almost had a chance to use my new training when I was driving to my workout.  A major thunderstom cell came through our area and while I am trying to make it though a big intersection where the traffic signal was out, I started seeing some hail, but it wasn’t even the size of a dime plus I had Continue reading Skywarn Training & Some Cycling

Community Emergency Response Team

I have spent the past two days and Friday night attending training that will allow me to be a CERT member here in my local community. CERTs have been around for a long time, and became more active after the president started the Citizen Corps after 9/11. The training prepares the student to take care of themselves and immediate family in the event of a disaster or some other localized devastation. Once you and your family have checked out o.k.; the CERT team member is expected, not required, to start performing checks on their neighbors. The course covered basic first Continue reading Community Emergency Response Team