Recent Shooting – Special Olympics & Run for Our Heroes

This past week was fairly busy with a couple of charity shoots.  One was the Special Olympics for my nephew Quinn and the other shoot was the Raleigh Police Department’s Run for Our Heros 5k on Saturday that was a fund raiser for the Police Unity Tour cycling event.  The run was a memorial event for Raleigh Police Officers killed in the line of duty.  Having been a civilian employee of the department  in 1997 when Officer Paul Hale was killed in the line of duty, I remember the feeling of loss that impacted not just the department, but the city as a whole.  There is not enough you can say or do when someone gives their life doing a sometimes thankless job that most parents would not want at the top of their child’s career list.  Please take a moment and visit the Run for Our Heroes web site and read the short bio on the officers.

Weekend Shooting

This weekend is full of shooting.  Tonight it was the first games of the season for the kids that play baseball with the Miracle League of the Triangle.  The password for the Miracle League album is the name of the town where the field is located.  Tomorrow its the St. Patty’s ride out of the Raleigh Trek Store for the American Diabetes Association.  Follow the links for the shots.

Update 3/21/2009 16:00:

Today there were about 65 riders that came out to raise funds for the ADA by participating in the St. Patty’s Day ride sponsored by the Raleigh Trek Store.  It was a little cold at the start, but the weather was much better than last weekend when the ride was postponed until today.  Many thanks to the Trek Store and volunteers for their help, and Jeff with Jersey Mike’s for donating lunch.  See you at the Tour De Cure.

Ride for Tammy Lynn Center – June 27, 2009

QuinnDebby and I have a nephew living at Tammy Lynn and Debby has wanted to do a fund raiser for the center for sometime. Given we like to cycle, we thought of starting a ride. Thanks to the cue sheet master Rick there will be 50K and 100K routes leaving from the NCSU Centennial campus.  Event Information link.

Info on the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities:

The Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities was established in 1969 by parents of children with special needs: Billy and Ruth Pierce (whose daughter, the late Tammy Lynn Pierce, is the Center’s namesake), Mr. and Mrs. C. Durham Moore, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin B. Tucker.

The Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities offers education, residential and family support services to children and adults with special needs. The Center’s goal is to provide the individuals it serves the opportunity to maximize their abilities in a loving, nurturing environment.

Saturday Photo Shoots

Today started early this morning as volunteer photographer for the American Diabetes Association Triangle StepOut fundraiser, which was followed up by an afternoon of shooting Costina for some portraits.  As a Type II diabetic myself, I really appreicate all of the support of the walkers that came out today.  I am still trying lose a few more pounds and eat better while continuing my exercise program.  My fasting blood sugars are in the 80’s on the mornings after working out or riding the bike the day before.  Hopefully I will be med free in another six months.

Caring Community Foundation

I shot the Pay It Forward fund raiser for the Caring Community Foundation last night.  I probably will not get the story quite right, but for those who are not familiar with this local charity, the event started as a back yard bar-b-que after Jill Wolford had been through a long series of treatments for cancer.  The goal to get a few folks to donate some money that could be given to Jill’s oncologist for a cancer patient that could use the money was simple.  That first event raised almost $800 and the patient who received the money wrote a note to Jill.  When Jill and her husband held the bar-b-que there were really two goals, raise some money for another patient who needed it and use the effort to teach their children the value of giving to others.  They never considered making the event into an annual endeavor or starting a foundation. That was, until they received the thank you note from the cancer patient who received the money.  The Wolfords never met or gained much knowledge about recipient who ultimately succumbed to her cancer.  But that has changed after some seven years since that original bar-b-que in the Wolford’s backyard.  This year, the event was an honor to the memory of that first recipient LuAnn Goodwin.  Her family attended.  Her husband spoke and her son, Christian, whose poem was included in the thank you letter read that poem to all in attendance.  As you can imagine there was not a dry eye in the place, but it was fitting tribute to the woman who makes an indelible mark on anyone who hears or reads the thank you letter she wrote letting Jill know that she had faith that God would provide and the simple gift of money had proved that to her.

This year’s album is here at this link.

If you would like to donate, please visit the Caring Community Foundation’s website. Just as the first donations were given to a needy patient by a local oncologist, the same is true today.