Robocallers Drive Me Nutty 424-253-2659 Jordan Matthews

Here is my latest Robocaller get rich scam caller Jordan Matthews’ information. Too bad he has been sucked dry of $3k probably to get in on the sad scheme of robocallers making millions. The originating number on this one was (424) 253-2659 with the referenced web site for more information of I guess I should make my complaint official with a FTC/FCC filing. Here is the audio of voice mail for those interested from_4242532659_2012-8-2

Jordan Matthews
8341 Ridpath Drive
Los Angeles, California 90046
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 24-Jun-12
Expires on: 24-Jun-13
Last Updated on: 24-Jun-12

Administrative Contact:
Matthews, Jordan
8341 Ridpath Drive
Los Angeles, California 90046
United States
(310) 498-0233

Technical Contact:
Matthews, Jordan
8341 Ridpath Drive
Los Angeles, California 90046
United States
(310) 498-0233

Domain servers in listed order:

Also, while researching the number, I found a Top Offender’s List at  Now if I could only automatically port those numbers into my ooma blocked callers list.

New FCC Rules Should Make It Harder on the Robocallers

Hopefully the new FCC rules passed today will make it harder for robocallers to continue calling those of us on the Do Not Call Registry.

Under the new requirements, telemarketers will have to get permission in writing before placing an automated call to a consumer. Previously, companies that had an established business relationship with a particular consumer could call them without permission. For example, another FCC official not authorized to speak publicly explained, a bank could robocall one of its checking account customers to try to sell them insurance. The new rules prohibit that without written permission.


Follow the Do Not Call blog category to see my efforts to deal with the callers.

Update (2012-02-16): Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as this was adopted by the FCC I get a robo call from 609-503-8133 (listen – from_Private_609-503-8133_2012-2-16) from Joseph Andrews III with  Here is the DNS information:

73 Penn Lyle Rd
Princeton Jct, New Jersey 08550
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 20-Dec-11
Expires on: 20-Dec-13
Last Updated on: 20-Dec-11

Administrative Contact:
Andrews, Joseph
73 Penn Lyle Rd
Princeton Jct, New Jersey 08550
United States
(609) 799-4814

Technical Contact:
Andrews, Joseph
73 Penn Lyle Rd
Princeton Jct, New Jersey 08550
United States
(609) 799-4814

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited

And care to guess what this website is?  Another Financial Freedom site!  Check out this post for some background on this company.  Will it ever end?!

Another Robocaller Get Rich Scheme 804-858-3156

Update: Here is a BBB report on this business.

The domain name associated with this one is HOWCANIDOIT.INFO which has the following registration information.

Domain ID:D35279805-LRMS
Created On:03-Nov-2010 14:14:17 UTC
Last Updated On:31-May-2011 16:50:38 UTC
Expiration Date:03-Nov-2012 14:14:17 UTC
Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)
Registrant ID:CR66112680
Registrant Name:Britt Phillips
Registrant Organization:Worldwide Ad Network, Inc
Registrant Street1:14241 Midlothian Turnpike
Registrant Street2:#106
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Midlothian
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:23113
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.8048972274
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:
Admin ID:CR66112682
Admin Name:Britt Phillips
Admin Organization:Worldwide Ad Network, Inc
Admin Street1:14241 Midlothian Turnpike
Admin Street2:#106
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Midlothian
Admin State/Province:Virginia
Admin Postal Code:23113
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.8048972274
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Admin Email:


The message states that for $180 you can blah blah blah…. Here listen for yourself….from_8048583156_2012-1-13  The website referenced when you go to HOWCANIDOIT.INFO is a redirect to which has a photo of some scammer, Britt Phillips, holding some cash that references  The phone number belongs to ymax communications/Vocaltec, the folks who offer magic jack and other VOIP services.  I will file an abuse complaint with them in addition to the Do Not Call folks, but doubt it helps.

716-795-0616 Telemarketer

Another telemarketer to block with the Ooma personal block list.  Here is the message left by this one from_7167950616_2012-1-12.  I am on the do not call list for what it is worth.  What gripes me the most is the money making scam they are promoting is using the same robocall technology to make your own $50K/month.  Get a life and quit calling me people!

Ooma Personal Block List

Here is my current blocked caller list for robocallers and that sort of thing.  I am on the Do not Call Registry ( and stil get several calls a week.  Some people believe their number will expire from registry once you have registered, but according to this FAQ, that is not the case.  Once registered, always registered.  The sad part of all of this is the most recent rash of callers have been for the make cash from home that tell you that you will make thousands by setting up your own robocaller for cold calls that solicit more people for the pyramid scheme.  With Ooma, I have this list and community blocked caller list set to return a "number disconnected" message.  I just noticed one of the numbers looks like a Visa card with a CVV code for the caller ID information.  That is now shown as #.  I guess that could be sweet revenge if it was the robocaller's card information.

Caller Name Category
(402) 718-8885
Bellevue NE Robocaller
(702) 944-1367
Las Vegas NV Other
(407) 429-2267
COA NETWORK Robocaller
(239) 260-1133
Veteren Benefits Other
(704) 542-9359
police protecti Telemarketer
(813) 416-7751
(516) 453-5658
TAX RELIEF NEWS Telemarketer
(216) 282-0010
(239) 325-9715
Anonymous Other
(406) 219-2301
(512) 568-3591
(802) 321-1223
ALBANY VT Robocaller
(661) 846-0715
Bakersfield CA Robocaller
(321) 800-9999
V##############CVV Robocaller
(615) 777-0988
COA NETWORK Robocaller
(727) 674-9999
CLEARWATER FL Telemarketer
(734) 542-7758
(702) 851-1360
NEVADA STATE CO Telemarketer
(317) 755-4066
Indianapolis IN Telemarketer
(919) 645-0523
MANLEY1 INC. Telemarketer
(312) 377-9822
COA NETWORK Robocaller
(802) 949-8989
Unk Telemarketer
(925) 524-3099
Unk Telemarketer
(731) 256-3580
Unk Telemarketer
(316) 789-1356
Unk Telemarketer
(901) 248-7430
Unk Telemarketer
(207) 493-2624
Unk Telemarketer
(603) 214-3671
Unk Telemarketer
(602) 944-0575
Work From Home Telemarketer
(269) 978-1229
(216) 769-3438
Cleveland OH Telemarketer
(866) 733-5334
800 Service Telemarketer
(800) 715-4672
800 Service Robocaller
(852) 000-9875
Name Unavailabl Telemarketer
(703) 398-0795
Woodbridge VA Political Organization
(603) 214-9001
Service Call Telemarketer
(612) 808-5628
HOMEYTEL Robocaller
(321) 273-0812
BK AGENCIE Telemarketer
(435) 238-7786
Merchant Services Telemarketer
(206) 339-8453
WebWiz LLC Telemarketer
(404) 448-3286
Atlanta GA Telemarketer
(206) 338-7584
Seattle WA Telemarketer
(773) 966-1039
(702) 851-5491
unused Robocaller
(805) 880-5102
Santa Barbar CA Telemarketer
(206) 984-2424
Seattle WA Robocaller
(703) 436-1288
LORTON VA Political Organization
(405) 416-1899
OKLAHOMA Telemarketer
(208) 376-5080
ALL AMERICAN PU Telemarketer
(701) 217-1003
(877) 815-2680
Virgil Robocaller
(702) 347-6058
LAS VEGAS NV Telemarketer
(702) 946-9496
Las Vegas NV Telemarketer
(206) 350-7056

Do Not Call Registry (Ignored) & Ooma Goodness

Okay, so I went with Ooma as my Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service last fall. The premier version that offers some cool features and a second line was $120 per year along with a $3.50 monthly charge for fees and taxes. Compared to the old AT&T landline, even with the cost of the Ooma Telo device ($180 @ Costco), I am already saving money just six months into the investment. Sadly the same can't be said of folks who are looking for help with money needs or credit problems when they answer the unsolicited call to their phone concerning money making opportunities with Nouveau Corporation – ECS Consulting – or Wealth Builders International  AKA:financialfreedomsites[dot]com. It seems like each week I am getting another robo-call message from one of the ECS consultants directing me to one of several web sites. This is where Ooma comes in as I can download the message from the website and attach it to my FCC Do Not Call registry complaint.  On the last call, I also complained to my state's Attorney General consumer protection division who snail mailed the offices of ECS with my complaint.

The saddest part of all of this are the complaints I can find on-line about the company detail stories of people in need of money or bad credit faling for an investment scheme where they are promised a great return or help with their debt problems. The investment/deposit amounts vary from $3,000.00 to $15,000. Most reports state that no money (i.e. deposit) was ever returned and their business contact who set up the deal has disappeared.  My research into the numbers that call and domain names provided has allowed me to trace the call back to a person in some cases.  In a way I feel like am victimizing them more by posting them to my list of shame, but come on people, anything that sounds to good to be true – probably is.  


List of Shame:

  • Paul Kight, Warner Robins, GA (404)448-3286 (helpmebefree)
  • Bo Rich, NYC, NY (206)339-8453 (getrichatm, mdmformula, janscashformula)
  • Carol Sue Kellum, Santa Barbara, CA (805)880-5102 
  • Unknown, Seattle, WA (206)984-2424 (cashcomestoyou)
  • Virgil Williams, San Diego, CA (877)815-2680 (easycashflowmachine)
  • Natalie Marco, Kingman, AZ (702)946-9496 (accessincrease)
  • James "Virgil" Beistle, Mesa, AZ, (206)350-7056 (fireyourupline)

Now for the really cool Ooma feature, each one of these numbers has been added to my blocked callers list which is shared with other Ooma subscribers.  I also have activated the Ooma community feature to block telemarketer numbers reported by other Ooma subscribers.  While I guess I should set it to just ring continuously to keep the robo callers busy, I have it currently set to answer and tell the caller the call has been blocked.  My other option is return a phone number disconnected message, but I am saving that one for later.  Since starting the blocking game last December, I am finding that the consultants are trying be more clever with domains registered by proxy, obfuscated web pages and javascript, as well as the name given not matching a domain whois lookup owner name when I can locate real information on one. What they don't realize is that each one of their pages has to link back somewhere to collect the form data from the web site visitor who wants more information.  While it may take a little digging, the source will be found at some point.  Now if I could only get the domains blocked, but wait OpenDNS will do that.  Only problem with OpenDNS is you lose the benefit of being redirected to a closer server when requesting web sites as there is no data on your location available via the DNS information usually tapped to make the redirect, but that's for another blog post.  For now I think I will just start filling out the forms with the previous caller's information in the latest caller's web form.  That should keep them busy for a while.