Indoor Cycling

For many years I have owned a Cyclops fluid trainer that was a complete failure on my part.  I could not get into riding indoors by myself, but found spin classes were fun even though I had a problem when the class instructors would tell me this would help me on the road when they did not even ride road or mountain.  Fast forward and, like cell phones 15 years ago, indoor trainers are now “Smart”.  While I did a little research and was torn between this Tacx model and another one from Saris, I ended up finding a Tacx Continue reading Indoor Cycling

A Seller’s Market for Bicycles

So, don’t hold on to your bikes if you are not going to ride them. The local bike shops can’t keep inventory and if they have something, it may be really high end as my VP found out when trying to find some mountain bikes for he and his kids and their vacation trip to Colorado. If I was 15, I would have said, wait a year and put the money into a car, but that’s me. I have one more bike I am tuning up and will most likely keep. That’s my Mongoose Pro 2007 Otero MTB. I have Continue reading A Seller’s Market for Bicycles

Bike Brands and Conglomerates That Own Them

The list below was quickly assembled from Google and sourced back to the respective company website, but it should not be considered an exhaustive list.  I decided to put this list together to look at the bicycle market and how it seems like there are fewer choices in today’s market.  There is also the proposed tariffs here in the U.S. on the imported bicycles from overseas.  While this Bloomberg report covers that angle pretty well, you have to wonder what it means the American bicycle market.  Will the tariff make it much more expensive to pick up a kid’s BMX bike Continue reading Bike Brands and Conglomerates That Own Them

Shimano Upgrade on ’07 Raleigh Cadent Carbon

The components on my 2007 Raleigh Cadent Carbon, while functional, were getting a little long in the tooth and I was ready to move up to an 11 speed double from the 10 speed triple that came on the bike.  Originally the bike was built with a Shimano drive train by Raleigh with 105 Shifters and Ultegra Derailleurs.  The triple would usually stop shifting to the big ring at least once a year when the cable housing started splaying apart on the shifter end of things.  Luckily I got used to this and had some spare housing to fix when Continue reading Shimano Upgrade on ’07 Raleigh Cadent Carbon


If bad luck runs in three’s, I hope I am done with BL for a while.  So I backup my OS drive on my photo processing workstation and tell Acronis TrueImage to shutdown the computer when complete.  Well, that shutdown was permanent, it would seem, as the motherboard on the system will not even reach POST.  So a capacitor has probably gone bad, but I can’t complain about the Gateway refurb that I picked up on the cheap almost five years ago.   And now I get to build a new system and get to include my niece when I Continue reading Three’s

Fitness 2.0

Three years ago, January 2009, I was in the midst of a fitness renaissance. I was working out with a personal trainer (PT) a couple of times a week and I eventually lost close to 30 pounds. My doctor took me off of one diabetes medication and my hemoglobin A1C levels were well below what is considered diabetic or pre-diabetic.  After about nine months of working with my PT, he left the gym to focus on his full-time job, a physician’s assistant in the cardiology department at a local hospital, and his new home. I tried to stick with cycling and Continue reading Fitness 2.0

Tour de Cure Photos

Just completed posting the photos from NC Tour de Cure charity cycling event which raises funds for the American Diabetes Association. Each year it grows and I am truly amazed by the Red Riders and Team Red as well as the other riders who complete this event each year. This year the current total on the web site is $204,871.88, which is 82% of the quarter million goal. I also have to give some props to Tommy Babb for not only volunteering as a HAM Radio/SAG driver, but assisting me by shooting some great pix while on the road with Continue reading Tour de Cure Photos

Performance Procyon Sunglasses

For the last few years, I have been wearing a pair of Performance Bicycle’s Procyon cycling glasses with a prescription insert for riding. I am on my second pair after the silicon nose pieces deteriorated due to sunscreen and sweat and the local store swapped them out for me. I am still using that pair and picked up a spare a few weeks ago and now it looks like the prescription inserts are on clearance and I can no longer find the Procyon glasses on the Performance web site. This is sad as these were decent glasses other than the silicon Continue reading Performance Procyon Sunglasses