Miracle League 10th Anniversary

After looking through some 4,000 dsc_1054photos I shot of the first year Miracle League games, I am a little bleary eyed and some of that is not just from looking at images.  I can remember holding back tears as I hid my face behind the camera while shooting a lot of these and that same feeling came back tonight.

If you are not familiar with the Miracle League concept, it is a baseball league for disabled kids and adults.  The field in Cary, at Henry Adams Elementary School, opened 10 years ago.  The field consists of rubact_2857berized turf that allows wheel chairs to roll and is laid out with the lines and infield already marked.  Each player gets a buddy assigned to them that will help with running bases and playing their positions in the field.  At the end of the each game, the score is miraculously a tie every time.  I still can’t figure that out after 10 years, but in reality the winner is everybody in Miracle League.

If you are around Cary on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 11am, come check out the 10th Anniversary Celebration at the field on Cary Town Boulevard.

Here is a link to all of the Miracle League photos on my server.


It was a busy week with training at work and a full schedule after work including a Miracle League baseball game for Quinn.  Today we were up early to go to the grand re-opening of the Performance store.  We picked up some cycling clothes and a Saris bike rack that will fit our road bikes without threading one of the supports under the seat stay.  Today we were able to get in a 30 mile ride to Lake Jordan and back.  Now to get back in the gym after being too busy this week.

Weekend Shooting

This weekend is full of shooting.  Tonight it was the first games of the season for the kids that play baseball with the Miracle League of the Triangle.  The password for the Miracle League album is the name of the town where the field is located.  Tomorrow its the St. Patty’s ride out of the Raleigh Trek Store for the American Diabetes Association.  Follow the links for the shots.

Update 3/21/2009 16:00:

Today there were about 65 riders that came out to raise funds for the ADA by participating in the St. Patty’s Day ride sponsored by the Raleigh Trek Store.  It was a little cold at the start, but the weather was much better than last weekend when the ride was postponed until today.  Many thanks to the Trek Store and volunteers for their help, and Jeff with Jersey Mike’s for donating lunch.  See you at the Tour De Cure.

Miracle League Shooting

Shooting this weekend consisted of the Miracle League game between the Orioles and Pirates. I think one of the best parts of shooting these baseball games is running the slide show while I am copying them over to the web server. In almost every picture you can see determination, happiness and acceptance on the player’s faces. On the working out side of things, my personal trainer worked my legs Friday evening and Debby said she wanted to do a bike ride that night. So between the workout and another 12 miles on the bike, my legs are spaghetti. I don’t think there is a muscle that isn’t sore from my glutes on down. Now to decide if I want do the cycling class at the gym at 0600 hours tomorrow.

Miracle League Photos

The photos from tonight’s Pirates and Indians game are online. The password is the name of the city where the field is located.  This was my nephew Quinn’s first game in his new stroller that I found on eBay that we gave him as a birthday gift.  Once we figured out how to collapse it again, we think it will work well for him.  I guess some kids get a car when they turn 16, but for Quinn it was a stroller.

Saturday Ride

I rode almost 8 miles this morning on my road bike. I found I don’t like the Crank Bros Candy pedals. Getting out of them is fine, but clipping in is too hard. I really need to check into some real road clips and shoes as I also had some arch tenderness. All in all it was pretty good ride. At one point I ended up behind a ride group of about 10 guys that looked like they averaged 25mph. I hung with them for about a ¾ of a mile, while they were warming up. 🙂 I talked to one guy at a stop light, where I broke off, and he was impressed with my bike. My average speed was 12.3 and I had a max speed of 33mph. I think my cadence was like 86. I am not sure what all that means, but I can tell my cycling classes at the gym are making a big difference in how I ride this year. Now I am off to shoot the Debra.org NC kids at our support group meeting. Then more shooting at the Miracle League games this afternoon.

Busy Saturday

PanelToday started off with a 14 mile bike ride, then a mad dash to get the grass mowed before the rain moved in.  Once that was done, we headed over to a fund raising event for the "Miracle League", a disabled baseball player league for kids effort here in the Triangle.  Our nephew Quinn, who has CP, plays in the league. If you watch the video that goes with this local news story(sorry dead link), Quinn is the last player shown scoring before the end of the piece.  The event today was the 1st Annual Charity Panel Jam or Miracle on Irving Parkway.  Rodney Earley, the owner of Rodney's Custom Cut Sign Company, who provided the signs and engraved donation bricks for the Miracle League Ball Field, decided he wanted to do more for the Miracle League effort and hosted this event at his shop on Irving Parkway in Holly Springs.  There was barbecue and beer, The Embers Band, and several world class pin stripe artists as you can see in the gallery for this event.  As these artist produced the amazing panels, they were auctioned off to raise money for the Miracle League. Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative next year.

Miracle league 2007

Another season of the Miracle League got started today with a dedication of the field to Andy’s Foundation. The league has grown by two teams this year. There are a ton of photos to look at in the Miracle League album. For those that have forgotten the password, it is the name of the town where the field is located. Last year I shot over 2,500 images. This year spending all day at the field like I did most of last year and today, will be about a twice a season deal. I know the board is looking for a central web site for all of the photos or a link from their main site to sites like this one that have Miracle League photo albums. Hopefully that will come about more sooner than later. There are instructions on downloading the full size image on the album page.