USB RC Controller Joystick & Simulators (Sailing and Flight)

Several years ago I got into Radio Control (RC) sail boats or yachts, depending on your perspective, and really enjoyed it.  I miss hanging out with the guys, but don’t miss the competitiveness on Saturday mornings.  Once it wasn’t that fun to get up early on Saturdays, I gave it up as I really needed to focus more on exercise than RC sailing and have taken a long hiatus from the hobby.  I miss sailing and several years ago wrote a post about sailing simulators.  I pulled up the old post and all but a couple of the simulators are no Continue reading USB RC Controller Joystick & Simulators (Sailing and Flight)

Final TDF Fantasy Team

Here is my final team for the 2008 TDF.  After showing in the ~6,000 place the last couple of days, I am pretty happy to in the top 500 for stage six.  Now to see how I fare during the next 15 stages. Name Team Salary Today’s Pts Total Pts   Riccardo Ricco SDV $41 100 166 Alejandro Valverde GCE $75 91 272 Cadel Evans SIL $79 82 215 Kim Kirchen COL $45 96 397 Stefan Schumacher GST $22 0 150 David Millar GHP $22 0 112 Jérôme Pineau BTL $7 0 104 Oscar Freire RAB $62 0 235 Thor Continue reading Final TDF Fantasy Team


I had an okay morning at the lake. We had to install new marks today. It’s an interesting endeavor to carry three 60 pound weights in the boat then drop them in the water while trying to keep the boat balanced. Once we started sailing, the wind was very sporadic. I finished in 3rd or 4th most of the time with one 2nd place finish right at the end. I rushed home in order to entertain some of Debby’s friends for lunch, but they were a no show. Hopefully everything is okay.

Final Server Update – New Photos

I was not really happy with Ubuntu after a couple of days. It worked, but it seemed to be a little weak when it came to server administration facilities included in the product. Since I knew the problem with the network cards was fixed, I installed Red Hat’s Fedora Core 6. The install was pretty flawless. The most time consuming portion was pulling down updates and applying them. The update process with Ubuntu was much more efficient and I would recommend Ubuntu to anyone who has an old, not ancient, PC that wants to see what Linux looks like and Continue reading Final Server Update – New Photos