Weekend Update

I was able to take my first ride on the road since surgery this Saturday.  I tried to make the Slow Spokes ride, but realized I forgot my shoes after I am at the ride start.  I went tback home and Debby said she would ride if I could wait an hour.   So I ended up riding with her and Karla the first 15 miles before I headed to the lake to add a few miles.  Almost as soon as I had split with Debby, I met the Slow Spoke riders and flipped back and rode a few miles with Continue reading Weekend Update

In the Shadow of the Moon

I guess I was almost seven years old on July 20, 1969. I don’t know that I truly remember the day’s greatest event of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I do remember watching a clunky B&W television showing live images of later moon walks at school, but nothing compares to the images that have been put together for the documentary “In the Shadow of the Moon“. The film has no narration other than the astronauts who lived the greatest adventure of all time telling their story with heartfelt unrestrained candor. Neil Armstrong was sadly missing, but the others carried Continue reading In the Shadow of the Moon