Updated SUP Board and Debby’s First Lesson

As Debby and I prepare for vacation, where she might get a chance to try out Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), she decided it might be time to get a lesson before possibly having to lay out some cash on a rental while on vacation.  So, if she wanted to learn, it meant I had to use one of my old sailboards as a SUP board or check into to getting one of the newer boards made for touring on flat water.  My previous experience has been using an old sailboard as a SUP. Those boards were a Magnum Nova and Hobie Continue reading Updated SUP Board and Debby’s First Lesson

Naish Glide 12′

Thanks to a combination of the alignment of the stars and some timely contact with Gary Stone at Paddleboard Specialists, Chad Baird at Epic Marketing, and Todd Masinter at Triangle Glides; I picked up a used Naish Glide 12′ standup paddleboard from Todd at Triangle Glides.  I also had some telephone time with local SUP racer Kevin V.  While my wallet and board storage limitations kept me to a 12′ board, it’s probably for the best as I am finding a casual exercise session is more appealing than racing or blowing myself out on a racing board. I think the Continue reading Naish Glide 12′

Lake Wheeler SUP

I was able to get some time on my Ocean Kayak Nalu at Lake Wheeler today. This was my third time out on the board and first time in the same water with motor boats. Thankfully I did not take a dip, but there were a couple of times that I bent over to get a little help from my arms as the boat waves were coming from the side. When the swells from the boats came from behind, I could see where doing this at the coast could be a real blast given the right conditions. The local company, Continue reading Lake Wheeler SUP

SUP Update

Hopefully this post will coherent as I am not at this point.  Started the day at 7:00am riding the 48 mile Cup and Cone Tour for the MS Society.  The route included Col de Lystra and Damascus that totally kick butt for climbs and considering the temp was already in the 90's when we started, I was ready to SAG in from the 24 mile turn around.  But I persevered up until a wasp, bee or hornet landed on my lip and stung me right inside my mouth.  Luckily I am not allergic, but I did SAG the last six Continue reading SUP Update

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP

I spent the morning getting my old sailboard, a Hobie Alpha 230a, cleaned up and ready to try out as a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).  The only problems found with the old board was the rubber nose cone and daggerboard seals were rotted, but those problems did not keep me from trying it out after lunch.  I went over to a local lake that is limited to sailboats and paddle powered craft and put in at the kayak and canoe launch.  I had forgotten how heavy old sailboards are and barely made it to the water before dropping the board.  Continue reading Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP