Chinese Laser Engraving System Stand

I recently purchased a Neje Master 2 20W engraving laser from Neje through their AliExpress store.  The unit shipped from a U.S. based warehouse and arrived in about a week.  I later found out, after joining a great Facebook group about the laser ran by Nancy McEntire, that I could have purchased the laser through her store at:  She also has supplies for engraving as well.  The FB group is full of helpful folks and various image files get posted almost daily for ideas to satisfy your need to smell the scent of burning wood or other substances.

Before getting my laser going, I realized I would need some sort of stand to either raise and lower the laser itself or the item to be engraved.  Tom Zaw made a very nice one using acrylic, CNC tracks for legs, and a small lab type scissor lift as shown in his youtube video.  I wanted to do something similar and leverage my existing supplies other than a scissors lift.  The photos below are pretty self explanatory, but here is a quick run down of what I used.  Considering I don’t have a shop of any sort and only hand-held electric circular and jig saws along with a drill to do this, I think it came out okay.  I also tried to create a home made air assist from an aquarium pump. The hardest part of all of this was making sure the top platform remained level.  The original design had four legs, but given my tools, I could only get three to match on exact length.  But the top platform for the laser seems very stable and seems to work fine with only three legs.

  • Parts:
    • Basic Grade Plywood (0.5″ thick)
    • Wooden Stakes for legs
    • L-brackets that came with Neje Laser Master 2
    • Lab Type Scissors Lift (Amazon)
    • Aquarium Pump which came with hose (Amazon)
    • Metal support for air hose was taken from the top of a hanging file folder
    • Nozzle is from a blunt tip industrial syringe (Amazon)

Top: Length-6″ (15.3 cm) X Width 14.75″ (37.5 cm) with 8.25″ (21 cm) notch for laser movement.
Base: Length-15.75″ (40cm) X Width 14.75″ (37.5 cm)
Legs (3): 7.25″ (18.5 cm)
Scissor Lift: Platform 7.9″x7.9″(200x200mm)
– Min/Max Height: 3.2″-12.2″(82-310mm)

First couple of engravings with Neje software. The lighter text was Gcode text insert, where the darker was Neje SW text insert.

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