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January 2011:  My fitness program fell apart after a respiratory infection in June ’10 and a bulging disk that kept me out of action from the end of July through October ’10. My cycling mileage went from 1,200 miles in ’09 to 800 in ’10.  This year’s goal is 1,100 in ’11.

Update: January 17, 2013
Three years ago, January 2009, I was in the midst of a fitness renaissance. I was working out with a personal trainer (PT) a couple of times a week and I eventually lost close to 30 pounds. My doctor took me off of one diabetes medication and my hemoglobin A1C levels were well below what is considered diabetic or pre-diabetic.  After about nine months of working with my PT, he left the gym to focus on his full-time job, a physician’s assistant in the cardiology department at a local hospital, and his new home. I tried to stick with cycling and use the group fitness classes to keep my fitness program going, but schedules and an overcrowded gym made it easy for me to find excuses not to go and I ended up relying solely on cycling.  That worked for a while, but a year ago this week I fell while mountain biking and fractured my left wrist to the point of needing a plate and nine screws to fix it.  I ended up only getting 560 miles in on the bike in 2012 after riding 1,200+ in 2011, which matched my mileage in 2009 while 2010 was only 800 miles.

Fortunately, the lack of exercise and fitness and the extra pounds I am carrying has not impacted my body in the form of eye, circulatory, or heart problems usually associated with long-term diabetes. I was first diagnosed in 1992 at age 30.  A recent stress test found no issues and my yearly eye exams show no signs of diabetic implications. So I consider that I have been given a second chance to make changes and restart my fitness program.

This year I have not made some strict new year resolution to keep.  It’s January 17th and I have not been to the gym yet, but I have started to watch my portions and take advantage of the convenience protein shakes and I have cut the amount of diet soda with caffeine I have to 16 ounces per day and I am drinking well over 8 glasses of water per day as well.  While I have done this almost two weeks, the weight loss has been minimal and I know it will increase once I can get in some cardio several times a week. This past week I ended up with blister on my heel that kept me out of the gym and from wearing practical shoes in the middle of winter for that matter.

So to keep me honest, here are my stats at the start of the year.  Weight 222.  Blood glucose average in the morning 150.  Now I am at 217 and I am waiting a couple of weeks before starting to track my sugar levels.  If I could only talk myself into riding my bike in the winter. I have started participating the local diabetes support group and we are weighing in each month. So there is more incentive there to get on with the program. So officially my goals this year are “13 in three-quarters” and 1,300 in 2013.  This means I plan to lose 13 pounds between now and  the end of the third quarter and ride 1,300 miles this year. Stay tuned to see I how make out.

Update February 7, 2021:
Wow, reading those updates make me feel old, but the good  news is I was able to get in many road rides during the pandemic lockdown and between new meds, a Libre Freestyle CGM, and getting my weight below 190, my 5.9 A1C is the best it’s been in many years.  The bad news is I don’t ride outside in the winter and, while I have kept the weight off, I can tell that my A1C will be up if I don’t do something.  January was the month of walking a few times a week and now that I have my new Tacx Neo 2T up and going, I hope I can get a few rides in each week to help.

Since getting a GPS bike computer I have been able to track my miles.
Year – Miles
2008 – 129.42
2009 – 1,218.85
2010 – 820.54
2011 – 1,079.95
2012 – 537.54
2013 – 339.53
2014 – 955.36
2015 – 656.82
2016 – 2,131.00
2017 – 476.78
2018 – 516.13
2019 – 407.22
2020 – 1,507.66
2021 – 13.86 (YTD- Feb 7th)
Grand Total: 10,790.66

If you want to track my current activities, check out:

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