Debby’s New Bike

I went by Performance Bicycles in Cary Friday evening and stumbled on to a 44cm Fuji Finest 2.0 ladies road bike.  It’s a 2007 model so it was discounted a little more than the 2008 model.  I called Debby to meet me at the store to see if it fit her and it did.  One of the guys at the store talked her into taking a test ride and she liked it.  I was trying to let Debby decide on the purchase and she ultimately decided to buy it.  We picked it up Saturday and went over to the walking track at the Miracle League field to let her get used to the bike and shifting.  As soon as we came home she wanted it put on the trainer and rode another half hour.  Now to get her out on the road gradually.  There are a couple of  beginner rides leaving local bike shops so hopefully she can try one of those.

My riding and training has taken a backseat to recovery from an upper respiratory infection.  I missed three days of work last week and did not work out or ride.  Today I am going to try and workout and take a short ride to the local Char-Grill afterwards.

I made it to see the new Indy flick before my work out. Harrison Ford and Lucas seem to have pulled it off. It’s one of the few films I would like to see again before it leaves the big screen.

Okay, not working out for 10 days and then trying to do it with inefficient lungs is torture. I don’t think I have been that winded since the started my fitness program. When I got home, Debby was waiting in the driveway on her new bike ready to go for our ride to Char-Grill. I took the old Trek and I rode about six miles while Debby did another couple miles while I watched people fish from the dam at Bond Lake. Now back to the grind.

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