New Year’s Day Ride and Work Out

Today I went on my first large group ride lead out of The Spin Cycle.  This annual ride has been held for 15 years.  Estimates by Kevin, the store owner, was about 150 riders.  I was pushing it a little bit, but luckily came across Rick, one of the Slow Spokes riders and was able to slow it down for a while on the last half.  Once we made it back into town, I felt recovered enough to aggressively climb a couple of hills.  This was good and bad.  Good to know I had the stamina to do it at the end of the 37 mile route, but bad in that I didn’t bridge up to any riders that had a cue sheet.  I halfway remembered the route and was almost to my last turn before I started doubting myself and turning back. But within 100 meters a group of riders came up and I turned to follow and made it back to the shop.  At that point, I was spent.  The temp at the finish was 37°f.  My mindset on rides and with workouts is to ‘leave it all on the road’ or ‘leave it all at the gym’.  But today was a double whammy.  I decided at the last minute to make the ride and already had a workout scheduled.  I did not tell my trainer I had already ridden 37 miles.  I did not want him to make any adjustments.  I had a few coughing episodes from the moisture I picked up in my lungs from the ride and it was a tough workout.  When I was done working out, I told him about the ride and he bragged on me to the other training staff.  Here are some stats from the ride.

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