Happy New Year!

A slow month for blog updates with a lack of shooting and the holidays. I did get a fair amount of gift certificates for Christmas from the local Southeastern Camera store. Now to decide what to spend it on. I have been eying the Tamron 17-50 F2.8. It is about a third of the cost Nikon equivalent, but who knows something else may catch my eye between now and when I go into the store. I did shoot the gift opening rituals a little different this year. I took both of my SB-800 flash units and put them on wireless Continue reading Happy New Year!


I had an okay morning at the lake. We had to install new marks today. It’s an interesting endeavor to carry three 60 pound weights in the boat then drop them in the water while trying to keep the boat balanced. Once we started sailing, the wind was very sporadic. I finished in 3rd or 4th most of the time with one 2nd place finish right at the end. I rushed home in order to entertain some of Debby’s friends for lunch, but they were a no show. Hopefully everything is okay.

Final Server Update – New Photos

I was not really happy with Ubuntu after a couple of days. It worked, but it seemed to be a little weak when it came to server administration facilities included in the product. Since I knew the problem with the network cards was fixed, I installed Red Hat’s Fedora Core 6. The install was pretty flawless. The most time consuming portion was pulling down updates and applying them. The update process with Ubuntu was much more efficient and I would recommend Ubuntu to anyone who has an old, not ancient, PC that wants to see what Linux looks like and Continue reading Final Server Update – New Photos

Server Update – Linux

I have to admit that one of the most frustrating things about Linux installs is the gotchas that come into play with each distro. For the last three years or so the performancepixel.com server was running RedHat’s community supported distro called Fedora Core. FC4 had been working fine until a kernel update took place about six months ago. The new kernel would not recognize my network card(s). So each time I received an updated kernel I had to edit the startup settings in grub to use the last old version that worked with my NIC. Working in information security I Continue reading Server Update – Linux

Server Update

I may be sorry for doing this, but I am going to attempt to upgrade the server to the latest version of Fedroa Core. If you keep getting this blog returned when trying to visit performancepixel.com, then the update is not complete. Please check again at some point.

Photo Labs

The folks at debra.org selected eight portraits to be printed for their offices in NYC. I gathered some pricing locally for the 20″X30″ mounted prints and asked a couple of large print houses in the city for pricing as well. The large print houses were more than double local pricing. I have asked AS Photo Lab for pricing so we will see if I have to ship what I can get locally or if these folks could print, mount and deliver since they are only a few blocks away from the debra offices. To see the prints debra selected, check Continue reading Photo Labs