Miracle League 10th Anniversary

After looking through some 4,000 photos I shot of the first year Miracle League games, I am a little bleary eyed and some of that is not just from looking at images.  I can remember holding back tears as I hid my face behind the camera while shooting a lot of these and that same feeling came back tonight. If you are not familiar with the Miracle League concept, it is a baseball league for disabled kids and adults.  The field in Cary, at Henry Adams Elementary School, opened 10 years ago.  The field consists of rubberized turf that allows Continue reading Miracle League 10th Anniversary

Shimano Upgrade on ’07 Raleigh Cadent Carbon

The components on my 2007 Raleigh Cadent Carbon, while functional, were getting a little long in the tooth and I was ready to move up to an 11 speed double from the 10 speed triple that came on the bike.  Originally the bike was built with a Shimano drive train by Raleigh with 105 Shifters and Ultegra Derailleurs.  The triple would usually stop shifting to the big ring at least once a year when the cable housing started splaying apart on the shifter end of things.  Luckily I got used to this and had some spare housing to fix when Continue reading Shimano Upgrade on ’07 Raleigh Cadent Carbon

Two Weekends Shooting (Photos)

Last weekend I was asked to help photograph the Tour De Cure again after a couple of years away from this ride.  Hats off to the participants, some of whom rode both days from Cary to Aberdeen on Saturday and back on Sunday.  I saw lots of familiar faces and was truly astounded by the fundraising efforts of the champions who are are pictured here. This weekend I had to pleasure to photograph my niece Raven and her boyfriend Andrew on the way to their high school prom.  She will hate me for this, but I can’t resist the opportunity for Continue reading Two Weekends Shooting (Photos)

Considering <$50 Fountain Pens

“How It’s Made” has created a monster and that monster is me.  Let me explain.  While watching the show “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel, I saw the making of fountain pens.  This intrigued me enough to go through my desk drawers and see if I could find a few old fountain pens I had lying around.  The only one that I had ever used was the Parker Vector from many years ago.  It is an okay pen, but I have found my writing has gotten smaller and smaller over the years and the medium nib size was not close Continue reading Considering <$50 Fountain Pens

USB RC Controller Joystick & Simulators (Sailing and Flight)

Several years ago I got into Radio Control (RC) sail boats or yachts, depending on your perspective, and really enjoyed it.  I miss hanging out with the guys, but don’t miss the competitiveness on Saturday mornings.  Once it wasn’t that fun to get up early on Saturdays, I gave it up as I really needed to focus more on exercise than RC sailing and have taken a long hiatus from the hobby.  I miss sailing and several years ago wrote a post about sailing simulators.  I pulled up the old post and all but a couple of the simulators are no Continue reading USB RC Controller Joystick & Simulators (Sailing and Flight)

2009 Mac Book Pro El Capitan SSD Upgrade

In trying to get a little more life out of my 2009 Mac Book Pro (MBP), I decided to pick up a Solid State Drive (SSD). My original plan was to clone the old drive over to the new SSD, but that plan was eventually discarded in favor of a clean install of OS X El Capitan. The issues I ran into with the clone attempt were several. First, the new drive was 960GB while the existing drive was 1TB. In Yosemite, I could get into Disk Utility from the option key boot menu. The problem was the disk recovery Continue reading 2009 Mac Book Pro El Capitan SSD Upgrade

VPN Disconnect When Ooma Phone Rings

I have been using the Ooma Telo for VoIP phone service at home for several years.  Over the last few months my wife has complained that she loses VPN connectivity to her corporate network when the phone rings.  I had set up the home router with QOS for the Telo device and tried to adjust the settings available with the OpenWRT firmware to make sure the Telo was not getting all of the available bandwidth and creating the problem.  That did not seem to help as the problem continued.  So tonight I decided to troubleshoot the issue and ultimately found the problem Continue reading VPN Disconnect When Ooma Phone Rings

SAD Light Therapy Box (DIY)

My wife has always complained of having no mojo when the daylight hours get shorter and overcast Winter skies seem forever present from November to March. If you have ever looked at therapeutic Seasonal Affective Disorder light boxes as a treatment for SAD, you know they run from about $50 for very small ones to over $300 for larger models. From my research all of these devices try to provide over 10,000 lumens and should be used about 30 minutes or longer per day to provide enough light to counteract the effects of SAD. With that criteria in mind, I Continue reading SAD Light Therapy Box (DIY)

Step Out Walk 2014

The photos from this year’s Step Out walk are located here.  Thanks to all of the volunteers, walkers and sponsors for making the event a success.  All photos at my PerformancePixel.com may be downloaded for free/no charge. So don’t use the order prints feature unless that offers a convenient means for you to get them.  The prices for prints that are ordered is the cost that the lab charges with no markup from me.  Again, thanks for your support of the walk.  It was great to see so many families supporting loved ones with diabetes.

Nginx and Blocking Countries Redeux

After having some issues with this new server build and Apache2, I decided to move over to Nginx for the web server. This meant I had to figure out how to get a Linux, (e)Nginx, MySQL, and PHP (LEMP) server going.  Although I am not a DigitalOcean customer I used a great tutorial from them to determine what I needed on the Nginx and PHP5-FPM side of things and left off the other steps pertaining to Linux and MySQL.  I also had to recreate my self-signed cert for SSL which I did using these instructions from DigitalOcean. These portions of the Continue reading Nginx and Blocking Countries Redeux