Performance Pixel Server Update

The server that runs the actual photo blog portion of my blog is being was upgraded to latest Canonical Ubuntu release as I typeHopefully, I will not be  I did not spending the rest of the afternoon fixing stuff.  If you can’t get to the images, no worries,  I will get them back on-line asap.

Ooops, I forgot to publish this post.  Anyway the update completed and I chose to keep a couple of the config files from the old versions of Apache and a couple of other apps during the install.  Once I brought the server back up, there was a very scary error about a filesystem that was corrupt, but another reboot made that go away.  Then I received a couple of messages about some restricted drivers and the ups monitoring program not seeing the UPS, nothing too major.  Then I tried to bring up the web page off of localhost and saw a familiar error from the gallery software that indicates the mount point to the actual photo drive did not get restored.  A quick check of disk drive device names showed the upgrade moved the disk from hdb1 to sdb1.  Updated the fstab to point at the new name and all is well.  Whew!

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