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20-1984-RED-ANGLEFor the last few years, I have been wearing a pair of Performance Bicycle’s Procyon cycling glasses with a prescription insert for riding. I am on my second pair after the silicon nose pieces deteriorated due to sunscreen and sweat and the local store swapped them out for me. I am still using that pair and picked up a spare a few weeks ago and now it looks like the prescription inserts are on clearance and I can no longer find the Procyon glasses on the Performance web site. This is sad as these were decent glasses other than the silicon nose pads and ear pieces. The nose pads get really nasty looking before they finally refuse to stay in the wire nose pad frames. The problem with the silicon ear pieces is they will start sliding off of the temples if you pull the glasses off with a helmet or hat holding them in place. The simple solution for the ear piece problem is super glue if you manage not to lose one when it gets stuck behind your ear. The nose pads, however, are a different story. My first attempt at a replacement was to use heat shrink tubing over the metal nose pad frame. This worked, but offered little if any cushioning. So while at the local Home Depot to pick up some nuts for the lawn mower, I browsed the hardware aisle and came across rubber bolt covers. I picked up two size 10 for about a $1.

Once at home, I cut off the heat shrink tubing and slid on the cap over the metal frame. They looked a little small, so I took them off, boiled some water and dropped the caps into the water for about a minute. Then I slid them back on the nose pad metal frames and they went up just far enough to cover the whole metal nose pad frame. Hopefully this, along with the spare pair, will keep me in riding glasses for a few more years.

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  1. I'm glad you wrote this, Tim. I just bought a pair of these, with the prescription inserts — I had to buy the display pair at my local Performance store after I had seen a separate single pair for sale there but didn't buy them until I knew I could order the Rx inserts. I find that the glasses themselves would have covered my eyes well without blocking any vision, but adding the Rx inserts are kind of like adding a frame, and they can interrupt the very top of my vision slightly if it's a sweaty day and given the way I lean over on my road bike. I thought somehow boosting the nose pads to life my glasses just that little bit would do the trick. I don't know if bolt covers would do it, though.

  2. Tim, thanks for providing this info.  I have picked up the bolt covers from Home Depot and put them on the nose piece where the silicone pads used to be.
    I  called Performance Bike and they can no longer supply the nose piece because they no longer sell the sunglasses.  All they have is the nose pieces on clearance.  I was told to check with my local Performance Bike store see if they would have anthing to 'cannibalize'.  I not too hopeful though.

  3. Thank you for providing this information. I am struggling with the same issue on nose pieces so I will take your recommendation and see how that works.

    I actually use these for biking and pickleball and with the 3 different inserts works great.

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