In between two 30 mile rides this past weekend, I managed to diagnose the problem with the server that used to run  What I thought was a failed hard drive turned out to be a failed SATA HD controller on the motherboard.  The most simple fix was to add a SATA controller card to replace the failing motherboard SATA controller.  While I was at it, the photo drive was upgraded to a larger disk that should carry me through another couple of years of archiving photographs.  Prior to diagnosing the problem, I went ahead and moved the domain to a photo hosting gallery at Zenfolio.  This will allow the ordering of prints from the charity events I shoot.  Since keeping the server at running was an option after the quick fix, I moved the domain over as the server name that will act as a photo archive site.  So what’s the difference between the gallery site and the photo archive site?  The photo archives have all of the photos I shoot and is basically a photo backup mechanism to my primary computer.  The settings on the archive do not allow downloading of the original or high quality image and have a display size limit of 800 pixels on the longest edge.  The performancepixel gallery will feature images from charity events as well as my portfolio and any commissioned work.  The gallery will allow ordering of photographic prints of various sizes and other items.  Check the gallery links to the right to visit the appropriate site for your needs.

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