Re-purposed Server and Hosting Update

So this post is as much of a test as it is a post. In an effort to cut down on some technology related costs like paid hosting services, I have decided to try and consolidate my wordpress and zenphoto sites on to one server hosted on my own Linux system. So if you were looking for and things look a little different, as in your address bar reads, don’t be alarmed. The domain is now redirecting to If you were looking for the photos formerly hosted on the domain, look no further than this url or check the first menu option in the far right column. Hopefully this will save me some money over the long run without creating too much work. If you run into problems or can’t find something you are looking for let me know.

For those interested in the tech details on the move from a hosted provider to my own server, here is a quick list of the steps:
-Backup/export the sql database from the old provider’s server
-Install wordpress on new server
-Copy all of the files and directories in wp-content from hosting provider server to new wordpress install in wp-content
-Create mysql DB on new server
-Make sure to duplicate SQL user from hosting provider with same user name as pw or edit wpconfig.php with a new user’s info and while in this file update the SQL host name and credentials if new
-Run an sql statement to import the .sql backup file into the newly created DB
-Match the URL exactly for the old wordpress install (For me I had to create /wordpress/wordpress and temporary workaround to log into the admin interface)
-Change the Site Address and WordPress Address to match the domain name difference ( to

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