2004 Pontiac Vibe Power Door Locks, Blower Fan and Fresh Air Damper

One of my popular posts continues to be the problems I have experienced with my power door locks on my 2004 Pontiac Vibe I purchased from hertz car sales in 2006.  As the car has aged, more electrical issues show up that are just plain annoying.  The latest two, in addition to the power door locks, are the heater blower motor not spinning up without banging under the dash and the servo actuator for the damper for fresh or recirculating air. The damper would go over to fresh air and just start clicking every second.  Some Google searches turned up Continue reading 2004 Pontiac Vibe Power Door Locks, Blower Fan and Fresh Air Damper

Pontiac Vibe Power Locks

Update: 12/16/2011: I tore down the latch/lock actuator to bare bones and reassembled it paying close attention to making sure all electrical contacts were kept clean.  Here is the new post on this problem. Update 8/6/2009: Since my last update below, the driver’s side door had to be opened up and re-lubed again; the rear driver’s side door did as well, and the front passenger door has quit working all together even after re-lubing it.  Based on the number of hits this blog entry gets on a daily basis, this has to be a defect.  Too bad this car gets Continue reading Pontiac Vibe Power Locks

Fixing Broken Mazda 5 Sliding Door Power Locks

I guess faulty power locks are in my blood.  After dealing the issue multiple times with my 2004 Pontiac Vibe (see blog posts), the same issue started with my 2012 Mazda 5 about six months ago.  This time the front door power locks are working fine.  The problem child is the driver side sliding rear door.  For a while it was hit miss and sometimes it would lock and other times not.  Finally, it just quit doing anything when either the key fob lock and unlock  or the internal front door lock and unlock buttons where hit.  While I would Continue reading Fixing Broken Mazda 5 Sliding Door Power Locks