So Long TimeWarner, Hello Genie!

So I finally got completely fed up with TimeWarner cable when they started charging for the cable modem and bought my own and spent a couple of hours to get my new replacement modem working, while at the same time I was going with the Genie whole home DVR satellite solution from DirecTV and love it so far.  I am not sure how cable is going to compete with more channels, the ability to have four TV’s hooked up and watching different stuff, as long as your are not trying to record every show on prime time at once, and watch the recorded shows on any of the four TV’s for almost half the price of cable.  The cable companies have got to start leveraging and do something similar or everyone will be on FIOS or satellite.  I realize there is a big difference in the business models and I may be crying the DirecTV blues in a couple of years, but I should not have to go back to TimeWarner every year and complain just to get the pricing they are offering new customers or returning ones.  Just give everyone the same price and be done with it.  Crap, just writing this starts making my blood boil again.  So here are my Yelp reviews on each copied here for posterity as I have seen my previous Yelp reviews disappear.

DIRECTV  4 Stars

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After reaching a boiling with TimeWarner, I decided to give the Directv Genie a try and after my first few days with the service I am thoroughly impressed.  I called support right after signing up with a rep at local store to make sure everything I was being offered was accurate as far as rates and equipment goes and I actually ended saving a little more during the call.  The install went well as I had ran an extra coax feed to one TV to avoid having to deal the installer running it.  The dish was able to be located on my roof out of sight from practically all views of my home.  The total time for my install as less than two hours.  Going with four stars for now until I get a long term feel for the service. So far so good.



I have been a loyal TWC customer since 1990 when I bought my first home and they have moved with me to my current home that have lived in for 15 years.  I will say once they got the better feed to my home and inserted an amplifier the TV service was reliable.  My issue is with a company that will keep raising your bill like frog in a pot of water.  It’s not until your boiling mad with high cost and terrible support that your willing to try something else.  I don’t agree with their bundling requirement to get a promotional deal.  I am (was) a long time customer and now that satellite technology has surpassed cable TWC still thinks they can rip customers off for a lower class product.  I turned all of my equipment in today and replaced my RR modem with one of my own to avoid the stupid lease fee for the TWC Internet service I am keeping at the moment.  Tech support is NOT US based until you get escalated and between the issues I had trying to get a cable card tuner working  a few months back and getting my personal modem working Monday night, I have to rate them as inept at best. Municipalities that are in bed with TWC should wash their sheets and find a new provider for their residents.

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