St. Baldrick’s Raleigh Event

Many thanks to all of the folks that came out and supported the Raleigh St. Baldrick’s event (updated totals at the link)  this year.  The numbers shared with volunteers prior to the event were: over $200,000 raised and 400+ shavees and another 100+ volunteers. I am sure the actual numbers will be higher with the number of groups that showed up and the last minute challenges from the stage.  This was my first St. Baldrick’s event thanks to my friend of 40 years Evelyn Putnam who recruited me to help since I already shoot for some other local charities.  I am trying to get locations of the other photographer’s images and will share links if they placed theirs on the web.  My shots are located here.  Many thanks to the two returning photographers, Carter Pettibone and Haley Bohn; and thanks, as well, to ShellyBooker, Evelyn Putnam and one other un-named shooter who had her head shaved as well helping with photography.  While I have shot many charity events, there is no doubt when you hear from the families that are currently fighting for their child with cancer or the parents that lost their child to cancer; it’s a wake up call that there has to be something we can do and we did it today! Whether shavee, family member, or friend supporting them; the funds raised will support research like that of Dr. Oren J. Becher, from The Becher Lab At Duke University.  And we know we make a difference with the success stories of cancer battles won that would not be possible without funding more children’s cancer research.

For anyone who is interested in some upcoming charity events in the area that I shoot, the Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation 5K Run For Our Heroes will be at the end of April.  The Caring Community Foundation (Cancer Patient Financial Support) is holding their first Breakfast in Bed Race on Academy Street in Cary on the same weekend.  And finally the Band Together Concert featuring Hall & Oates will be at Walnut Creek this year on May 3rd.


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