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I spent the morning getting my old sailboard, a Hobie Alpha 230a, cleaned up and ready to try out as a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).  The only problems found with the old board was the rubber nose cone and daggerboard seals were rotted, but those problems did not keep me from trying it out after lunch.  I went over to a local lake that is limited to sailboats and paddle powered craft and put in at the kayak and canoe launch.  I had forgotten how heavy old sailboards are and barely made it to the water before dropping the board.  The fin on the bottom of the Alpha is a replacement I had to get many years ago before putting it away and is actually well suited for the job as it is a large fin with a shape that is thin where it leaves the box with a large bean shape at the bottom.  Once on the water, I found the board to be pretty tippy, but I headed to the other end of the lake directly into the wind.  I was doing pretty good until about halfway across the lake where I stopped paddling and as the board slowed I lost some stability and took a dip.  Getting back on the board was really hard, but I managed to get on it, stand up and start paddling.  But before going too far, I stopped and kicked the dagger board down.  The daggerboard seemed to help with the stability of the board even if it did cause some drag.  With it down, I made it all the way to the far end of the lake before taking my second dip, but getting back on this time was much easier as the water was only about three feet deep.  I tried to follow the shore to get a little shelter from the wind as I turned back.   My wife Debby showed up and I headed over to the boat rental hut to talk to her for a minute before heading back to the launch to call it a day.

I will have to say the experience was a good one even it did show that I need some gym time to work on lots of muscle groups.  The one thing I know is that being on the water made me realize how much I miss sailboarding.  So I am off to the hardware store in a minute to find something to replace the rubber nose and get some shower door seals to stick on the bottom at the daggerboard box.  Then I have to look at the sail and rigging to see if I need to do any work on those.  I know my Magnum Nova sailboard is unsailable at this point as the rubber mast foot is so rotted that it broke when I barely bumped it and while it could be a candidate for SUP it has V shaped bow and is more narrow than the Alpha.  I am going to try the old board a few more times as a SUP before Great Outdoor Provision Co. has their next demo day on the 17th.  At that point I can compare a new technology board with the old sailboard and see what I am missing, if anything.

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  1. Hi
    I have a Magnum Nova (looking for mast base, the part that goes into the board).
    Anyway, I remember the rubber U-joint was reputed to be a "Renault motor mount", so I suggest you look for one in old euro auto parts supplier.

  2. On the Nova I ended up having the original mast foot which was nothing more than a black tube with some braided nylon covered bungee cord about 5mm in diameter that was on the outside of the tube that would get squished when the mast foot was inserted in the board. It was okay, but water would eventually allow it to slip which usually resulted in a nice gash on the shins when it failed while pulling the sail up.  The pivot joint for this foot was some solid flexible tubing (light green) that went from the foot up into the mast receiver.  I still have this foot and it looks like it is in good condition.  The other mast foot I had was one that inserted into the board, then you would tighten a collar on it and a small section of rubber would expand inside the board to hold it in place.  This foot did have the rubber hour glass universal joint and rotted to crap while being stored in my crawl space, but I did find a replacement part on the web (  But I also found that the long skate board I made and installed a mast foot on was still at my parents in the storage shed and u-joint looks almost new with no signs of rot or tears.  So I might get the Nova on the water again this year, but SUP is my first choice.

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