Weekend Update

I was able to take my first ride on the road since surgery this Saturday.  I tried to make the Slow Spokes ride, but realized I forgot my shoes after I am at the ride start.  I went tback home and Debby said she would ride if I could wait an hour.   So I ended up riding with her and Karla the first 15 miles before I headed to the lake to add a few miles.  Almost as soon as I had split with Debby, I met the Slow Spoke riders and flipped back and rode a few miles with the group  before meeting back up with Debby and Karla at the Bicycle Chain.  It was a relief to have my first road ride under my belt with no issues.  My heart rate was up a little from a month ago and I went anaerobic a little sooner than I was accustomed, but my legs felt pretty good afterward.  I will try to do cycling class Monday and the Thursday Slow Spokes ride if the weather will cooperate.

My nephew called and wanted to see District 9 Saturday afternoon.  I was a little thrown off by the first few scenes with the hand held camera shots, thinking I was in for another Cloverfield, but it went to more standard cinematography for the majority of the film with very good editing in the action sequences.  The SyFy channel could take some hints from this picture when trying to create interesting films on a limited budget.  From what I have seen in the media so far, the cost to produce District 9 was $30 million.  For a cast of unknowns, the acting was not a distraction, and in reality I think it helps the film focus on the storyline and underlying message as you are not comparing the actor to their abilities as seen in previous roles.  If you are the least bit of a Science Fiction fan, or if you are open to something different than the over produced big studio films then check out District 9 (IMDb).

I will officially become a Mac user sometime tomorrow.  It should be interesting as I have been a PC user since converting from my Commodore 64 in 1984.  I have used DOS 3 through DOS 7 and experiments with DR DOS and OS/2 along the way.  Too bad IBM abandoned the OS2 project.  I was able to multitask the dial up BBS I used to run while still using the computer for my PC needs at the same time.  Windows has never been able to do this and still can’t do it today with any real efficiency.  I have been playing with Linux since Redhat 4 and currently use Ubuntu at work for security testing as well as at home for my web server.  So tackling OSX Leopard should not be that big of a deal.  I did pick up one of Scott Kelby’s books on the Mac that has some great tips that should save me some time.

PerformancePixel.com & TimBrown.us

In between two 30 mile rides this past weekend, I managed to diagnose the problem with the server that used to run performancepixel.com.  What I thought was a failed hard drive turned out to be a failed SATA HD controller on the motherboard.  The most simple fix was to add a SATA controller card to replace the failing motherboard SATA controller.  While I was at it, the photo drive was upgraded to a larger disk that should carry me through another couple of years of archiving photographs.  Prior to diagnosing the problem, I went ahead and moved the performancepixel.com domain to a photo hosting gallery at Zenfolio.  This will allow the ordering of prints from the charity events I shoot.  Since keeping the server at running was an option after the quick fix, I moved the timbrown.us domain over as the server name that will act as a photo archive site.  So what’s the difference between the performancepixel.com gallery site and the timbrown.us photo archive site?  The photo archives have all of the photos I shoot and is basically a photo backup mechanism to my primary computer.  The settings on the archive do not allow downloading of the original or high quality image and have a display size limit of 800 pixels on the longest edge.  The performancepixel gallery will feature images from charity events as well as my portfolio and any commissioned work.  The gallery will allow ordering of photographic prints of various sizes and other items.  Check the gallery links to the right to visit the appropriate site for your needs.

Performance Pixel Server Update

The server that runs the actual photo blog portion of my blog is being was upgraded to latest Canonical Ubuntu release as I typeHopefully, I will not be  I did not spending the rest of the afternoon fixing stuff.  If you can’t get to the images, no worries,  I will get them back on-line asap.

Ooops, I forgot to publish this post.  Anyway the update completed and I chose to keep a couple of the config files from the old versions of Apache and a couple of other apps during the install.  Once I brought the server back up, there was a very scary error about a filesystem that was corrupt, but another reboot made that go away.  Then I received a couple of messages about some restricted drivers and the ups monitoring program not seeing the UPS, nothing too major.  Then I tried to bring up the web page off of localhost and saw a familiar error from the gallery software that indicates the mount point to the actual photo drive did not get restored.  A quick check of disk drive device names showed the upgrade moved the disk from hdb1 to sdb1.  Updated the fstab to point at the new name and all is well.  Whew!

Changes to Blog

Over the past couple of weeks, since migrating to WordPress for this blog, I have noticed and fulfilled a desire to post more about stuff other than photography. A couple of people noticed and asked about it, and I explained I will still blog about photography for the most part, but wanted to try expanding the topics a little bit. One of the topics I want to talk about is fitness and cycling. I joined a gym about three months ago and started working with a personal trainer. So far I have lost about 15 pounds and dropped my body fat percentage almost six points. My balance, stamina, and self confidence have improved as a result. I am finally to the point where I enjoy working out and have become addicted to water. This past week I took my first spinning class and actually made it through it. Considering I was having to take the class in Crocs because of a huge EB blister on my heel, I thought it went well for my first time. Debby and I had been riding our bikes on local trails like the American Tobacco Trail pretty frequently until winter came, and the class was my second time back on a bike since then. My plan is to keep watching my diet and exercising to shed another 30 pounds. We will see how it goes and will try to keep updating my status here as an incentive.