Tour de Cure Photos

Just completed posting the photos from NC Tour de Cure charity cycling event which raises funds for the American Diabetes Association. Each year it grows and I am truly amazed by the Red Riders and Team Red as well as the other riders who complete this event each year. This year the current total on the web site is $204,871.88, which is 82% of the quarter million goal. I also have to give some props to Tommy Babb for not only volunteering as a HAM Radio/SAG driver, but assisting me by shooting some great pix while on the road with the riders. This year's schedule had me going straight from the long ride start to the finish where a shorter ride was starting later that morning. I tried to split up the days into reasonable chunks so the images will be easier to find, but it might be a bit of crap shoot on the finish segment. I have shot this event for the last three years and next year the plan is for Debby and I to see you on the road as fellow cyclists instead of photographers. So if you know a volunteer photographer, the gig is open.

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